Occupy Facebook with Art

I don’t know where It came from, but I’ve seen a few status updates like this and decided to join in. You might have seen something like-

‘Occupy Facebook with Art!, Like this status and I’ll send you an Artist…’

I was given Dave McKean and chose to share my favourite image from ‘Arkham Asylum- A Serious House on Serious Earth’

Dave McKean- Arkham Asylum

Dave McKean- Arkham Asylum

I like this Idea. Not only did it give me hours of proper inspiring internet use- (as opposed to the usual meandering) It gave me the chance to share some artists I love with friends. I have no idea how many of those people checked out or shared the artists I gave to them- but it made me realise that that was just the kind of post I always intended to do on a blog like this. So here are the artists that I shared, and some of my favourite works by them…

To the first person who responded- I gave the mighty Ian McQue. His pen work and sketching, his painting and the quality of light he catches in it, the looseness of mark marking,  the strong compositions and colour choices, the detailed mechanical parts- not to mention the volume of work he produces, the speed paintings and the scribbles…. How could I not share this work?

'Highlands' Ian McQue

‘Highlands’ Ian McQue

'The Stone Kings' Ian McQue

‘The Stone Kings’ Ian McQue

'Troop Carrier' Ian McQue

‘Troop Carrier’ Ian McQue

The next person gets Dan Hipp. Who makes some insanely colourful and fun pop work. (I just realised if I do descriptions of all the artists I’ll be here all day…So..) see for yourself!

'Caught 'Em All' Dan Hipp

‘Caught ‘Em All’ Dan Hipp

'The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of' Dan Hipp

‘The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of’ Dan Hipp

'They Live And Let Die' Dan Hipp

‘They Live And Let Die’ Dan Hipp

So next up is a classic…Pieter Buegel. I saw his work after catching a show on bbc4 (Tales of Winter – the Art of Snow and Ice) last year. I was already making a winter scene myself at the time and wanted to make people as cold as I felt just looking at his ‘Hunters in the Snow’. Plus there is something pretty brutal and metal about ‘Triumph of Death’.

'Hunters In The Snow'

‘Hunters In The Snow’

'Winter Landscape With Birdtrap'

‘Winter Landscape With Birdtrap’

'Triumph of Death'

‘Triumph of Death’

Next up comes the one and only Heath Robinson! I learned of him when I was about 17, and heavily into doodling nonsense machines and random icons joined together. A mature student on my A Level art course said my work was like Heath’s- so I had to check him out. I was crazy flattered of course, Heath’s machines are hilarious and ingenious- while mine were just nonsense – his made perfect sense in their over elaborate designs! Absolutely love his work. Kind of more so now that I’m older and see how overly elaborate the most simple of things has become.

'The Pancake Machine' Heath Robinson

‘The Pancake Machine’ Heath Robinson

'Savage Club Invitation' Heath Robinson

‘Savage Club Invitation’ Heath Robinson

'Testing Golf Drivers' Heath Robinson

‘Testing Golf Drivers’ Heath Robinson

Next up is Scott Campbell. (Illustrator at pyramidcar) His work is fun, and charming as hell- and elegantly simple. I fist saw some of his ‘Great Showdowns’ series- and as a massive fan of guessing games and movies-I loved trying to recognise the subject each time.

Big Trubs

Big Trubs

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

I like Turtles

I like Turtles

The King

The King

Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

Then next came Daniel Danger- I have to save up for some of his prints, because they are simply gawjus.





High Voltage!

High Voltage!

And Tyler Stout too…

Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout

Then George Bellows…

'The Lone Tenement' George Bellows

‘The Lone Tenement’ George Bellows

'Sun Glow' George Bellows

‘Sun Glow’ George Bellows

'Rain On The River' George Bellows

‘Rain On The River’ George Bellows

..Frederick Childe Hassam



…and finally Thomas Moran! Who’s water paintings and landscapes are flipping sweet. As you would expect from the Hudson River School…

A_Mountain_of_Loadstone_Thomas_Moran_1898 Sunset in Mid-Ocean Sunset near Land's End_ Cornwall_ England Sunset_ Long Island SoundSo there we are! I hope you enjoyed a peep at some of my favourite artists. It’s sometimes tricky knowing what direction you want to take your own work in- especially when you are influenced and admire very different styles of work. I haven’t even touched on the more abstract or surreal here…sharing this collection with friends I tried to pick Artists that each person might like. So yeah, Hope you enjoyed it- now get out there and share some of the great things with the people you like! (if you like)


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    • Mike Harman

      That’s great to hear! :) I always meant to share some art that I love with my friends, it’s pretty cool that you shared them with your friends too!


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